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Why Flourish

By walking alongside those who have suffered, Flourish NI aims to restore hope and dignity. Their compassionate staff understand the challenges of overcoming abuse. If you or someone you know needs help, please consider contacting Flourish NI. Together we can work to end all forms of modern slavery.

Why Flourish

Being rescued from human trafficking is only the beginning of a journey to recovery. Government support is provided for a limited time which is often not long enough for a survivor to recover.

Flourish exists to provide long term support.
We also support survivors who, for various legitimate reasons choose not to enter the government support system. Following support from Flourish, some survivors choose to enter the statutory system.

Flourish recognises that each persons journey is different and our tailored support reflects that.
We believe every individual should have access to the support services they need during recovery to provide a pathway to living an independent resilient life.

“Thank you so much for everything. You always work so hard for us.”
— Hua (female survivor)

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