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Activities & Courses at Flourish

At Flourish, we offer a diverse range of activities aimed at fulfilling our mission and serving our community. From  workshops and skill-building sessions to recreational events and support groups, we strive to provide comprehensive and impactful programming. Our activities are designed to empower individuals, foster personal growth, and promote community engagement. Whether it's through counseling sessions, vocational training programs, or cultural events, we are committed to offering opportunities that enrich the lives of those we serve.

For more information on any of our courses and/or activities please contact us

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Other Areas of Support

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Flourish Foodstore*

We are providing a small foodstore for those who are struggling financially. This is proving to be an invaluable service.


Living on limited means can be difficult and we recognise this. We are very grateful to individuals and groups who make donations of toiletries so that we can distribute these each month to those in need.

Clothing and Small Household items

Based on need we source and provide clothing and household items for clients.

*We would also be rally grateful to receive ay donations of nonperishable food items or toiletries for those that we support. Contact: or phone:

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