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Of Hope

Get to Know Us

At Flourish we believe in a brighter future for anyone affected by human trafficking and modern slavery. 

Our aim is to provide long term, tailored, survivor centred support to overcome trauma and rebuild lives.

In becoming a Sponsor of Hope you are supporting a survivor’s ongoing journey of recovery and freedom.

Once you have signed up, you can choose to receive an email update every four months informing you about how your ongoing donations have made a difference.

As a token of our appreciation, every individual who signs up to become a Sponsor of Hope will receive a Flourish branded mug.



Could cover the monthly travel costs for a survivor to travel to a weekly art therapy session allowing them to express their emotions through art.


Could provide essentials for a survivor in need such as food, electric, telephone top up or toiletries.


Could cover a counselling session for a survivor to process their trauma in a safe environment.


Holding Hands

One-off Donation



Could cover the cost of an interpreter at an initial assessment ensuring communication is not a barrier to tailored support.


Could help cover the cost of temporary accommodation.


Could fund an educational or vocational course to improve employability.

One Time Donation

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