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What are the Indicators?

The indicators of sex trafficking and modern slavery are important issues that non-profit organizations work hard to address. Groups that fight human trafficking help people in need and make our communities more just. By recognizing the signs, supporting survivors, and changing unfair policies, we can move closer to a world where all people are treated with dignity and respect.

What are the Indicators?

General Indicators

Distrustful of authorities

-Exhibiting signs of physical and psychological trauma
-Person acts as if instructed by another
-Passport or identification documents held by someone else
-Control over movement/unable to leave work environment
-Lack of access to medical care
-Limited social contact/ and limited contact with family
-Little money and money deducted from pay for food
-Believe that must work against their will
-Threats of violence against victim and/or family
-Afraid of revealing their immigration status
-Unfamiliar with language and unaware of work or home address

Indicators Of Labour Exploitation

-Employer unable to produce documents that are required when employing migrant labour.
-Employer dictates all aspects of life including hours of work, transport and accommodation.
-Excessive wage reduction or withholding wages.
-Poor or non-existent health and safety equipment.
-Any evidence that workers are required to pay for tools, food or accommodation via deductions in pay.
-Live in groups in the same place where they work and leave premises infrequently/unsuitable accommodation
-No ID documents
-Excessive working hours with few breaks
-Subject to insults/physical and psychological abuse

Indicators Of Sexual Exploitation

-Signs of physical abuse, appearing scared or intimidated.
-Movement of women between brothels or working in alternate locations.
-Sleeping in work premises.
-Women with limited amounts of clothing or a large proportion of “sexual clothing”.
-Vocabulary limited to sexual words.
-The woman may look forced , intimidated/subject to obvious assault
-Sexual health issues/substance misuse
-Controlled movement
-Working long hours
-Property having locks on internal doors/curtains drawn

Indicators Of Domestic Servitude

-Held in their employer's home and forced to carry out domestic tasks such as providing child care, cooking and cleaning
-Not be able to leave the house on their own, or movements monitored
-Work excessive hours
-No access to their own belongings, including their ID, telephone.
-The employer may be abusive, both physically and verbally
-Deprived of their own personal living space, food, water or medical care

Indicators Of Criminal Exploitation

-Moved to different locations but return to the same location every night. This could indicate forced begging
-Transported to or from the scene of a crime, including shoplifting, pick-pocketing or forced begging
-No benefit from the money or items they have obtained through the crimes they have been forced to commit

If you believe someone’s life is in danger, call 999.

If you have concerns call the Modern Slavery Helpline on 08000 121 700

Flourish NI, Room 101, City East Business Centre, 68 – 72 Newtownards Road, Belfast BT4 1GW
028 9009 8828 |

Registered Charity Number: NIC100423

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