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*name changed to protect identity

Jejomar* was trafficked to Northern Ireland from the Philippines to work in the fishing industry.

He came to the UK to earn enough money to be able to support his wife and children.

When Jejomar arrived in Northern Ireland and boarded the boat things were not as had been promised. His ID documents were removed from him and he was forced to work for up to 20 hours per day. He was given very little food to eat and was forced to work even when he was sick. During his time of exploitation, Jejomar did not earn any money and lived in constant fear.

When Jejomar came to Flourish he was in unstable, unsuitable housing, his trafficking case was ongoing and he was experiencing PTSD as a result of his exploitation.

Over the last few years Flourish has provided intensive support to Jejomar – here are some examples: secured stable housing, provided emotional support and mental health referrals along with support through all legal and court processes.

Jejomar would regularly engage with Flourish activities to meet new people, to relieve stress and to build confidence.

Jejomar recently said “ I can never forget the support Flourish has given to me. You have been there for me through everything”

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