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*name changed to protect identity

Aisha* was trafficked to Northern Ireland from Albania and was forced to work in the sex industry.

Her family were back home in Albania and for a long time Aisha was controlled, sold and exploited for the purposes of sexual exploitation in Northern Ireland. She was tricked and deceived and afraid for both herself and her family.

For the last few years Flourish has provided intensive support to Aisha to empower her to rebuild her life. From providing safe housing accommodation, liaising with police and support through court processes, counselling, help to secure employment, general wellbeing support and many aspects of family life.

Aisha’s main goal has always been to lead a normal life.

Aisha wants other people to know about how difficult the journey to recovery is and it takes a long time.

Aisha often says “I don’t know where I would be today without the support of Flourish”

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